Alliance Members

Institute of Law and Technology, Masaryk University
PhD candidate
Electronic evidence and eDiscovery.
Arab Human Rights Academy
My work focuses on using arts in all its forms, especially comics, in nurturing the human rights culture as a crucial part of the national culture. The art of storytelling is the core and main pillar for our research and activism.
University of Western Australia
Professor of Law
Pro-activity in law, rethinking commercial contracts, using comic contracts, more visualisation in law.
University of Chester
Lecturer in Law
Criminal justice; criminal law; legal theory; socio-legal studies; criminology.
Canberra University
Assistant Professor of Law
Human Rights, Law and Literature, Superheroes and International Law.
University of Wolverhamton
Lecturer in Law
Intellectual property; user generated content; law and culture; the intersection of law and creativity.
Charles Darwin University
Senior Research Fellow
I am interested in building up a body of knowledge comprising of jurisprudential readings of graphic works by Indigenous Peoples.
University College Dublin
Postdoctoral Researcher
Historical representations/understandings of death penalty, gender and crime, cultural criminology. Postdoctoral researcher on death penalty in Ireland and Scotland, 1864-1914. Interested in the intersection of depictions of crime and punishment with gender in the media, including graphic depictions.
University of São Paulo
Professor at the School of Communications and Arts; Associate Researcher at the Centre for the Study of Violence
Develops research and courses on human rights, communication, journalism, social and political theory and communication rights. Has interest on the potentialities and ambivalences of comics in "communicating the law". View profile.
University of Cologne
Assistant Professor of English and American Studies, Faculty of Philosophy
Visualizations of legal concepts, law and the humanities, human rights and/in graphic media, intersections of law and ethics.
Ian Boucher
North Carolina Wesleyan College
Emerging Technologies and Outreach Librarian
Roles of film and super-hero comic books in culture.
University of Edinburgh Law School
Lecturer in Digital Media & IT Law
I am interested in the (self-)regulation of creative industries and how policy and law can sustain and stimulate creativity and free artistic expression.
Bela Bonita Chatterjee
Lancaster University Law School
Lecturer in Law
Art and law.
University of Technology, Sydney
PhD Graduand, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
My interests surround comic books, the use of popular culture to negotiate and articulate real world ideas, contemporary American politics, and the moral, ethical and legal ramifications of superheroism.
University of São Paulo
Researcher in Jornalism, Law and Freedom, School of Communications and Arts
Human rights and comics is the major topic that I have studied on. I've developed the project Human Rights in Comics: new narratives for access to information and education in HR. Interests include comics, human rights, journalism, narratives, storytelling.
University of Auckland
Senior lecturer in Media Studies, Department of Film, TV and Media Studies
I have a general interest in all comics but at the moment I'm writing about superheroes and issues of sovereignty.
University of Cambridge
PhD Candidate (Sociology)
My published scholarship on legal ontology and epistemology conceptualises law as an intersubjective world constituted by collective interpretive experience, and explores this by way of analogy with the 'shared universe' narrative model of mainstream comic books.
Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida
Teacher and Tutor
Study of comic books and graphic novels as a literary genre, with an emphasis of superheroes as model citizens and themes of justice
Memorial University Of Newfoundland
MA Student
Body politics; justice; posthumanism; superheroes; comic seriality.
University of Baltimore School of Law
Associate Professor
Criminal law, constitutional criminal procedure, policing and police training, legal rhetoric—I am working to 'convert' many of my whiteboard drawings (crafted in class) to a more permanent format. Here's my faculty page.
Andrew Donkin
I'm a graphic novelist and author. I became interested in the area of migration and human rights when I wrote the biography of Sir Alfred Tehran, a stateless man who lived on a bench in Paris Airport for 19 years. See:
Fionnuala Doran
Teesside University
Lecturer in Comics, Graphic Novels and Sequential Art
The 1916 trial of Roger Casement and its adaptation for popular media, including my own graphic novel which is due to be published September 2016.
Center for Transitional Justice
Communications Strategist
I'm interested in US cultural understandings of justice and seek creative ways to frame and communicate principles of justice and accountability (from visual story-telling/multimedia and online interactive forums, to comics and parody).
University of Sydney
Ph.D. Candidate (English Literature)
Interested in language representation, rhetoric and grammar; with a focus on the convergences/divergences of textual and visual forms of grammar.
St Mary's University
Lecturer in Philosophy
I am interested in philosophy and popular culture, science fiction, literature, aesthetics, and graphic novels.
University of Roehampton
Criminology Lecturer
Intertextuality; story-telling; prisons; identity; justice and punishment.
University of Sussex
Lecturer in Law
Philosophical, historical and critical legal appreciation of the role of art in law and law in art. Interconnections between law, resistance, aesthetics, protest and entropy . Art/Law pedagogy. Outsider art, law and Legal Pluralism, Street art, graffiti, property and legal voids.
University of Dundee
Lecturer in English and Film
My research interests include trauma, testimony, and narrative in literature, comics, film, and podcasts. I am currently working on the representation of forensic science and the figure of the criminal in graphic and visual narratives.
Chicago Council on Science and Technology
Artist in Residence
Behavioral biology, neuroscience, genetics.
St Mary's University
Lecturer in Law
Criminal responsibility; selfhood; comics form; metaphysics; aesthetics; criminal justice/criminology.
University of East London
Reader in Law
My main interest is in human rights law and the way 'graphic journalism' can be a vehicle to report on human rights violations. I am also interested in the way graphic novels and comics reports on the work of the international criminal tribunals.
University of Southern Queensland
Senior Lecturer in English Literature
Women's writing from the nineteenth century to the present; trauma theory; Modernism; contemporary literature; postcolonial literatures; literature and ethics; war and violence.
Northumbria University
Senior Lecturer in Law, School of Law
Legal education; public law; civil liberties; Judge Dredd; Superman; pedagogical use of graphic fiction.
Comica / Escape Books
Writer, Curator, Publisher and Independent Researcher
St Mary's University
Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Media Arts
Criminology; cultural criminology; gender and sexuality; race and ethnicity. (
Michigan State University
PhD Student, Department of English
American comics, particularly issues of race, gender, class, and belonging. My comics studies work has focused on varied questions of black nationalism, indigenous identity, LGBT/queer being, and the problem of whiteness in mainstream American (largely superhero) comics.
University of Leeds
PhD Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant
My research interests include Japanese legal culture, legal consciousness, socio-legal studies and representations and interpretations of justice in manga.
University of Edinburgh
Lecturer in Regulation & Risk, School of Law; artist
I am interested in regulation of biotechnologies, science communication, and the transmission of values (and ideas of justice) through popular culture media.
University of Wollongong
Researcher in Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts
My current research considers the intersections amongst refugee law, popular culture, religion, literature, and the media.
University of Southern Queensland
Lecturer in English Literature
Contemporary speculative fiction; European philosophy; psychoanalysis; comparative literature; jurisprudence; semiotics of law; cultural studies; philosophy of technology.
Bond University
Professor and Executive Dean, Faculty of Law
Legal education, critical legal theory and the identification of jurisprudential insights within the work of my favourite comic book writers including Grant Morrison and Alan Moore.
Independent Researcher
I'm interested in how comics and related media can represent and help social justice, politics and philosophy. I'm especially interested in how gender and sexuality is depicted, and the history and ethics of censorhsip. I also run a personal website called The Obscuricom and tweet at @obscuricom.
Aston University
Teaching Fellow in Law
Sports, torts and medical law; transmedia, animation, multimodal approaches; legal education.
Oxford Brookes University
Lecturer in Law, School of Law
My research primarily stems from an engagement into the critical legal theory of the late French theorist Jacques Derrida but I am also interested in critical criminal law, feminist legal theory, philosophies of technology and of the image, and the promulgation of comics and graphic novels as a critical engagement within socio-legal studies.
University of Kent
PhD Candidate
My research focuses on the history and theory of the concept of territorial authority in international law/international relations. Currently working on a satirical graphic novel about paternalistic imperialism and humanitarian violence in the League of Nations Mandate system.
Linnaeus University and the Gotham Center for New York City History, CUNY
Swedish Research Council International Postdoc
My current research centers on representations of New York City in American comic books and graphic novels. Keywords: New York; urbanism; race and ethnicity; class; policing; social justice; civil rights; identity and identity formation.
University of Western Ontario
Graduate Student (PhD Candidate in law)
I study the regulation of content in the digital environment with the focus on the entertainment industry and whether their goals help or hinder access to culture. I also research (and present on) graphic novels, ranging from Manifest Destiny to Maus to Lucy Knisley.
International State Crime Initiative (ISCI), Queen Mary University of London
Research Fellow
My research interests include state crime, corporate crime, international crime and the death penalty.
University of Leicester
Professor of Law
Legal theory; gender; violence; social justice; freedom.
Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa
Associate Professor of Comparative Public Law
I am interested in law and pop studies and I have been working on law and justice in comics and manga.
University of the West of England, Bristol
Associate Professor in Criminology
I am interested in the role of comics/graphic novels as a means to encourage debate and educate the public on criminological issues.
University of Western Australia
Senior Lecturer in Law
I'm really interested in the "picturisation" adaptation right, the right to move from the literary to the graphic, particularly in the context of the visual depiction of literary characters.
Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
PhD Candidate, Griffith Law School
I'm interested in how law and justice are created or reflected in the aesthetic, narrative and genre-specific elements of pop culture texts (comics, film, television, novels, video games).
Plymouth University
Associate Head of Law
Legal cultures; law and popular culture (specifically TV, film, video games and graphic fiction); see
Middlesex University
Senior Lecturer in Criminology, School of Law
Cultural representations of crime and criminal justice; crime control theory; socially constructed interpretations of crime images, crimes of the powerful (corporations and institutions).
Kate Hamburger Kolleg
Research Fellow
Law and film; Critical readings of the film medium as representations of law's 'spatial imaginary'; Law and the visual; Critical methodologies relating to law and the visual
University of Kent
Professor of Law
I'm interested in the potential of graphic design as a tool in socio-legal research processes (
Griffith University, Queensland, Australia
Lecturer, Griffith Law School
I am interested in the intersections of legal theory, theology and popular culture, including mythological and theological readings of superheroes in comics and film.
St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY
Associate Professor in Criminal Justice
Interested in cultural criminology; crime and justice in comic books; deathworthiness; apocalyptic incapacitation.
University of Cambridge
Law and Technology Researcher
Public understanding of law, with a particular focus on the intersection between law and technology.
City University London
Lecturer in Library Science
I'm interested in how different academic fields can study comics.
University of New South Wales
Senior Lecturer in Politics, School of Social Sciences
I am interested in questions around cartoons as forms of discrimination and of pornography.
Victoria and Albert Museum
Donator of The V&A's Rakoff Collection of 16,000 comics
Issues of diversity and prejudice in comics.
University of Edinburgh
Senior Teaching Fellow
Risk regulation: engaging with the risks associated with advancing technologies; using (sci-fi) comics and graphic novels to help imagine these risks.
University of Wollongong
Senior Lecturer and Head of Postgraduate Studies in Law
Law and popular culture, particularly how stories of law challenge or maintain visions of ethics; how popular stories mediate law students' identities; the superhero phenomenon (
Archie Comics Publications Inc., New York, USA
University of New England
Professor of Law
Children and the law, law and cyberspace, law and identity, law and marginalised groups.
University of Zululand
Justice; punishment; political philosophy; ethics; social contract theory.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY
Associate Professor in the Department of Law, Police Science, and Criminal Justice Administration
Cultural criminology; America; superheroes; supervillains; 9/11; apocalypse.
Griffith University, Gold Coast Australia
PhD Graduate
Jurisprudence and popular music.
Griffith University, Gold Coast Australia
Senior Lecturer, Griffith Law School
Law and humanities; narrational and visual representations of technology; posthumanism.
Brock University
Associate Professor
Emotional geographies, health geographies, sex-work, trauma, social justice.
Dundee Law School
My main interests are transitional justice and peacebuilding after war. Inspired by PositiveNegatives, I hope to use comics for some outreach for a project on dance, disability, and legal empowerment in Sri Lanka. See PerformingEmpowerment.
National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum
Librarian responsible for the V&A's comics collections
Independent Consultant
Lawyer and Adjunct Prof.
I'm interested in using comics and sketchnoting to document legal processes and make court procedures more accessible to people.
Marymount Manhattan College
Professor of Political Science
Law and politics; vigilante entertainment.
Independent researcher and author
I have written two American Bar Association books: Lawyers as Peacemakers and Lawyers as Changemakers. The latter book includes a segment on multi-sensory approaches, including visuals.
Newcastle University
Research Assistant in Education (part-time) and ESRC funded PhD Education student (part-time)
How comics can communicate specific information (collaborative projects as Applied Comics Etc). How comics communicate bigger ideas and values. Co-host with John Swogger and Ian Horton of Applied Comics Network for anyone working with graphic narrative and information.
Mark S Zaid PC, Washington DC
How lawyers, law and the courts impact and/or influence comic book history.