17 April 2013

Graphic Justice: One-Day Symposium draft programme

Below you will find a draft copy of the programme for the graphic justice symposium taking place 11 September 2013 in London. A fun-packed day indeed!

Coffee and registration: 0900–1000

Session 1: 1000–1130
Panel 1A: Law, meet comics Panel 1B: Vigilantism
Mark Zaid, [effect of law on comics industry and content] Fletch Williams and Kurtis Dobie, ‘Kingdom Come: Truth, Justice and the American Way?’
Graham Ferris and Cleo Lunt, ‘Can A Good Guy be on the Side of the Bad Guy: The (Mis)Representation of the Ethics of the Lawyer for the Defence in Adversarial Criminal Proceedings in Comics and Graphic Fiction’ Chris Comerford, ‘The Order Creates the Chaos: Batman and the Dichotomy of Justice’
Kim Barker, ‘Copyright, Derivative Works & UGC: A Comic Inspiration?’ Angus Nurse, ‘Extreme Restorative Justice: The Politics of Vigilantism in Vertigo’s 100 Bullets’

Coffee: 1130–1200

Session 2: 1200–1300
Panel 2A: RacePanel 2B: Talking through comics
David Keane, ‘Minority Rights and Racial Discrimination in Graphic Novels’Shawn Harmon, ‘Not Foresighting and Not Answering: Using Graphic Fiction to interrogate Social and Regulatory Issues in Biomedicine’
Ian Rakoff, ‘Comics and the making of the American Identity’Richard Glancey, [Teaching constitutional law with comics]

Lunch: 1300–1400

Session 3: 1400–1530
Panel 3A: Comics vs reality Panel 3B: Thinking about law and crime
Elaine Deering, ‘Themes of Justice in Superhero Comic Book Stories’ Chris Boge, ‘Crimes against (Super)Humanity: Forms of Justice and Governance in Alex Ross's Justice and Dan Jurgen's Justice League International’
Nancy Silberkleit, [Comics as a means of tackling bullying] Chris Lloyd, ‘Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Obama’s Drones, Judge Dredd and Benjaminian Violence’
Nic Groombridge, ‘Stepping off the Page: Superhero Crime and Victimisation’ Darren Parker, ‘Rick Grimes’ Lament: Reimaging Lawfulness in a World of the Undead'

Coffee: 1530–1600

Session 4: 1600–1700
Panel 4A: Truth, justice, and Tintin Panel 4B: Violence
David Marrani, ‘Tintin, (Anti?) Hero of Justice’ Nickie Phillips and Staci Strobl, ‘Deathworthiness: Red Team and Cry for Justice in Retributive Context’
Jérémie Gilbert, ‘Graphic Reporting: Human Rights Violations through the Lens of Graphic Novels’ James Petty, ‘Violence, Justice and Ideology in Watchmen’

End: 1700

12 April 2013

SLSA funding for Graphic Justice

Great news,

The UK's Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) has awarded me funding under their annual 'seminar competition'. This fund is used to assist innovative and inclusive projects in the socio-legal field.

The funding will be used not only to provide attendees with tea, coffee, and sandwiches (a vital and important element of any academic event), but will also enable travel assistance to be given to international delegates presenting papers. It will help ensure the day is an enjoyable event for all (biscuits, after all, mean happiness), and will help secure the international interest and global flavour with which I am hoping graphic justice will come to be associated.

CFP Now Closed

The call for papers at the one-day symposium this September has now CLOSED. I have received a wealth of papers and expressions of interest, which is amazing, and I will be organising the content of the symposium over the next few weeks. There should be some kind of draft programme up here at some point in the (relatively) near future.